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Does Booga Booga save your progress ?

I'm very new to the game, and have been wondering if the game saves, for example, the structures that you build, items crafted, etc.

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seems i joined back at the worst time so i guess i'll hide til the wikia is alive again

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yo yeet a doodle skeet

this wikia is d e d sad

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What about thw Booga Lands? IS IT STILL PART OF BOOGA BOOGA?

Is booga lands part of booga booga...

Has Soybeen totally vanished? Like he popped like a baloon? Did someone... Forget the funeral jokes.

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Wolfman, Or any admins...

Im kinda quite asking to myself quietly... How many people joins and quits everyday in this Wiki?

I know we have lost so many due to SOYBEEN... Or I could also say: THE GUY WHO UPDATES LATE

I kinda won't leave this until this wiki gets deleted.
So... How many left in this wiki?

Ive never seen so many people leave this many before.
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Why Updates comes late?

Ive been in this before... but updates always comes late!
Share your ideas why...
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there's an update coming

it has 3 bosses and 4 or 2 ores
please vote
  • more people will come
  • nobody's gonna realize and it will still be bad
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Me is back

This is the last sentence I will say
“pwn those hackers”
Post image
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we need more updates

we haven't had one in a very long time
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Is there any left?

Are there any people left in this wikia? Since this is dying... I might leave soon.

Also nobody cares who leaves and who joins... But we mostly care about is the game

Thats right people, THE GAME.

(Im too lazy to finish the speech)

Also a final word: End this "Game"
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My five days are up so I am going to leave this wikia now. Nothing new is happening because Soybeen is working on Booga Lands. It was nice being on this wikia and helping. I will miss this wikia and hope that Booga Lands is out soon, I will definitely be on that wikia.

Anyways, goodbye.
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Why Did Booga Booga Die?

give ur explanations
i've already given my friends a 10 hour sermon on what caused Booga to die and I dont want to repeat that.
i might summarize it for you
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I am leaving soon.

Ok since this wiki is dying I am going to be leaving soon, in 5 days. If you have any questions or last words for me, ask me here and now.
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My week is over so bye.
I might make a big story and make one last post of my whole Booga play time and my feelings here if you want that.
But anyways bye.
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So... What now?

I mean seriously... WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO NOW?
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