To enforce the Booga Booga Wiki's Policies effectively, we have Bureaucrats, Administrators and Moderators to handle this duty. If you'd like to know the Booga Booga Wiki's Staff Team, please view the list below. If you'd like to report any violation of the wiki's policy, please contact one of the staff members down. You can also join the wiki's discord server, where you can contact the staff.

We are NOT looking for staff members. If you have any questions, please ask WorldJudgement (a wiki admin) or any other staff member.


Please contact the following users if you have any questions or need help. However, harassing them will lead to appropriate action. Another note is that none of the staff members are, in any way, related to and/or in contact with Soybeen.

All of staff members below are active (you may contact them on their message wall).

Ranks Members
BureaucratsVokainodragon (Discord: Vokainodragon#4713) (Founder)

Tornaidodragon (Discord: tornaidodragon#7660)

AdministratorsWorldJudgement (Discord: JustKeepItSimple#7819)

RaidAll (Discord: TopSimPlayer#5347)

Wolfman5580 (Discord: Wolfman55#4701)

Content ModeratorsBSV001 (Discord: BSV#2970) (Server Nickname: PetBow)

Vextor133 (Discord: Vextor133#3906)

Discord Moderators

RyanVolta (Discord: Ryan.#0954)

Staff Table Design credit goes to PBB Wikia.