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The Adurite Shelly is a type of Shelly that is used to obtain one Adurite Ore quickly.


It can be found on a very small desert island near the Volcanic Island or dropped by mining a Giant Shelly.


The Adurite Shelly's main drop is Adurite. It drops 1 Raw Adurite, which is currently the fourth best ore in the game in terms of Tools and Armor.

It also drops 1 Raw Morsel.


  • The Adurite Shelly isn't the fastest way to get adurite, but it is still useful for low leveled players who cannot safely access the Ancient Underwater Cavern.
  • The Adurite Shelly has 100 HP, more than all other Shellies of the same size.
  • While actual Adurite Nodes and Adurite Rich Rocks require at least an Steel Pickaxe to be broken, it isn’t actually the same for the Adurite Shelly, as you have to have a steel pickaxe or higher to mine it.
  • There is actually currently only one Adurite Shelly that spawns naturally.
  • Provides players with a quick and small amount of adurite.
  • An easier way is to go to the Adurite Rich Rocks, or Adurite Nodes is to mine them along with the Hateful God in the Ancient Underwater Cavern (Lava Version) or to mine the Adurite Rocks surrounding the Shiny Ant Mount in the secret Cave blocked by the Wealthy God.
    • It may not be free to low leveled players, as it is guarded by Fire Antmen.