A freed Barbarian.

The Barbarian is a human mob that will turn hostile once mined from the ice chunk froze upon it. Although similar to the Giant, the Barbarian is smaller in size. The barbarian was removed in the Antmen update. But has been revived in the new map update.


The Barbarian is located on the Ice Island. The mob spawns inside a destructible ice chunk. Once the ice chunk is destroyed, the Barbarian will start hitting and chasing the victim (player who mined it) with a club.


When killed, it drops:


The Barbarian has bare arms and brown torso and legs. Another variant of the mob is the Giant. It looks like a player, except it does not have a face.


  • The Barbarian holds a Club.
  • The Barbarian is a smaller version Giant.
  • The Barbarian could be the same Barbarian in Dusk another game made by Soybeen