The Bloodfruit is a deep red berry that is often used for healing as it restores health better than most fruit. They can also be found in Great Chest, and OMG Chests. The ??? update doubled the healing of bloodfruit.


You can find Bloodfruit Bushes that produce these berries on the Volcanic Island or dropped by the Lonely God on the third floating island.


The Bloodfruit is dark red, reflecting some light, making it look a little shiny.

Extra information

  • As of for now, the bloodfruit is the highest healing food in the game, with the same healing as cooked meat and cooked fish.
  • As of the ??? update, it is able to be obtained from the Lonely God
  • As of the ??? update, it now heals 4 health points.
  • When producing on Plant Box, each Bloodfruit planted will harvest 3 Bloodfruit, 1 Stick, and 1 Leaf. However this takes a lot of time to grow it as it is one of the slowest grow rate on plant box, equal to Sun Fruit.
  • People are usually using a large island to set up as base of operations to replenish the amount of Bloodfruit, preferably playing alone.
  • It heals better than bluefruit,it is pretty easy to get if you mine lots of gods,best way to get it is chest if you are rich in robux and gold coins.