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The Club, a weapon that is usually considered to be the first weapon (not counting the Rock) that is obtained in the game of Booga Booga and is noted to be one of the 'cheapest' to craft due to how it does not depend on a considerably large number of specific materials and focus on the simpler materials like the log. It looks similar to the crystal stick, just with a different colour, which makes players think that the Crystal Stick is ironic for it to be pretty strong.

It is considered to be one of the weakest weapons in the game of Booga Booga, the weakest weapon being the rock, a weapon that is automatically given to the players when they first join the game of Booga Booga.

In terms of damage values, the Club can inflict at least 10 damage points on a unarmored entity, or against the player's chosen targets, whether it is to be a player, creature, or entity that roams the lands of Booga Booga.This make it a decent upgrade from the rock, and is good as a beginner weapon.


In order for the players to craft the Club, they will only need to obtain one Log that can usually be obtained by destroying trees or abandoned wooden rafts, which are common in huge servers.