A Crystal Lode.

Crystal Chunks are a crafting material in Booga Booga. Crystal Chunks are dropped from Crystal Lodes which each have 2000 Health and drop 3 Crystal Chunks. They can only be mined by a Steel Pickaxe and above.


Crystals are used to craft Crystal Armor, Crystal Pickaxe, Crystal Axe, Crystal Bag, Crystal Stick, and the Golden Radio.


They can be found on the island with the Lonely God. To access it you need to go deep underground to the Shiny Ant Mound then drop down the hole and go into the portal. After that you need to mine the Crystal Guardian and then pick up the spirit key to get across to the third island. Once there you need to place a Dock to get to the crystal lodes for they are all on separate islands. Crystal Lodes respawn every 15 to 30 minutes. There are three crystal lodes on the final floating island. A mined lode drops 3 crystal chunks. The Miserable God drops 1-3 Crystal Chunks. Crystal Chunks can also be obtained via killing the Crystal Guardian and obtained from the rocks mined from the rocks of the Crystal Meteor.


  • Crystal was rather difficult to obtain, as the only way to defeat the Crystal Guardian and activate the Crystal Bridge was to have crystal or better. Unless you used a ranged weapon (such as the Bow, Crossbow, etc.). However now with Crystal Nodes spawning on the waterfall floating island once more and with the Crystal Meteor it is much more easy to obtain
    • The exception was the Miserable God, who drops 1-3 crystal.
    • The other exception was buying the Crystal Chest from the in-game store that costs 1000 coins, or buying it via the market.
  • The Crystal Node was moved from the first Floating Island to the third Floating Island in the Antmen Update But as of the Emerald Update it spawns on both.