The Dancing Shelly is a special type of shelly that is found on the Ice Island, it has an absurdly high amount of health, capping at 1 Billion health. The mob had no given purpose as it only dropped a Stick.


It is found on the Ice Island, with no specific location given yet. It will look like a normal Stone Shelly that spins in place, however when you start to mine it you will see the Dancing Shelly username.



  • It is the only mob to have health surpassing 10,000.
  • Only three users have been known to kill this mob in the past, Airtroys, OP_aw3s0m3r3c068790, and AbleDiamondGamer. Keep in mind that these are players that did it legitimately. Hackers could instant-kill script this, but it isn't a legit kill of this mob.
  • As of the Storm Update this Shelly now spins in place, staying to it's name "Dancing Shelly".
  • This shelly can be damaged by a mammoth. You can leave the mammoth there and it will still work.
  • The Dancing Shelly is probably a joke mob left in the game by the developer, Soybeen.
  • The Dancing Shelly was removed in the ??? Update. However, it has been re-added in the Map Legacy Update.
  • Unlike other Shellies, this will not retreat into its shell when hurt.
  • It is a waste of time to try to mine if you do not plan on actually finishing mining it.
  • Despite spawning in the snow biome, it is not ‘arctic’.
  • It can be mined with any Pickaxe in the game. This is probably because the Dancing Shelly was intended to be a joke mob.