The Dancing Shelly is a special type of shelly found on Ice Island.

It has an absurdly high amount of health, capping at 1 Billion health.

The dancing shelly is probably a joke mob left in the game by Soybeen. The mob currently has no given purpose and will probably never have one.


It can be found on Ice Island.


  • The most amazing, rare item in the game. An item capable of destroying everything and everyone in an instant, outdoing even whole servers of mag-wearing hackers. The person wearing it could destroy an entire server without even swinging more then twice. The item is....1 Stick and bragging rights.
  • You can also use the stick for crafting a battle axe!
  • You can use a stick for making a bow to attack people before they get to you.
  • You can also use a stick to craft a war hammer!


  • It is one of the only mobs to have health surpassing 10,000.
  • Only 1 user has been known to kill this mob in the past.
  • As of the storm update this Shelly now spins in place.
  • This shelly can be damaged by a mammoth. You can leave the mammoth there and it will still work.
  • If you kill it, you get thiccc respect