Death or dying is the result of a player's character reaching 0 HP. Upon death, the players will lose any spare weapons, tools, equipment, and armor they had in their inventory. There are many ways on how an islander (the player) can die from. Normally, a corpse, or a dead player, will drop 2 Raw Meat upon death that other players can collect.

On some occasions, some players can collect the fallen loot of the deceased islander and often floods a specific area, especially in the waters. For example, a player may have had over 100 stacks of leaves and upon dying, all of these leaves spews out all over the lands and/or the waters.

Death is not limited to just the players, it can also be seen by the creatures, entities, and forms of life that thrive in the islands of Booga Booga that are constantly slain by the islanders serving as resources or 'divine' targets.

Causes of Death

Multiple living things have different causes for the reasonings as to why they died. This list will mainly focus on the players, but will also mention the causes of death of other NPCs, vegetations, creatures, and entities.


  • Death by starvation
  • Leaving mid-combat will result in the player dying and losing their equipped gear, regardless of health. Also known as "combat-logging."

Creatures, Entities, NPCs, and Vegetations

  • Slain, chopped, mined, crushed, grind, smashed or sliced by a player using various tools and equipment like a pickaxe, ax, hammer, etc.
  • Slain by another entity or creature. For example, a War Mammoth inflicting damage on a Domestic Boi and vice versa.

Effects of Death

The effects of death are usually viewed in a negative manner, but also has positive results that come out of it.

Positive Aspects:

  • Upon death, everything in the player's inventory, including crafting materials, food, coins, and equipped bag will stay with the players.
  • Hunger and health are restored after being renewed or reborn, simply known as respawning.

Negative Aspects:

  • Upon death, all items located in the hot-bar, as well as equipped and unequipped armor by the character will be removed and dropped upon death.
  • Tools, weapons, and armor will drop as resources in place of particular items and materials.