The Waterfall Floating Island contains unique items that are only found on top of it. Sky Ropes can be used to climb up to the Floating Island and can be cut down to prevent other players from climbing up. These sky ropes cannot be crafted. The ropes re-spawn every 6 minutes.


The only things on this island are the Feather Tree, Feather Bush and Feather Stone.


The only usages are that you can get wood and stone.

Attacking a Floating Island base is not recommended due to the advantage the enemy tribe has. The enemy tribe can use ranged weapons and can destroy the sky rope, making it almost impossible to access the base until the sky rope respawns. To take control of the Floating Island, find a server with no one on the floating island, or raid one with people (solo raiding of this island is risky). Then, build a Tribe Totem, break Fish traps or Chests with Arrows, and at this point you are basically safe.


There was a Old God on this island, but it was moved in the Antmen update.


The Floating Island has a frozen waterfall (as of Antmen update). As of March 10th, 2018, the island was updated and is much bigger in size.But as of March 28, 2018, (the Antmen update)it is much smaller.

The Sun Island is no longer reachable from a rope behind the mountain on the Floating Island. It can only be reached via the purple portal in the Ant Caverns.

This island is in between the first Floating Island and Ice Island.



  • This island first appeared upon release of the "Shark Riders" update.
  • Before the meteorite update you could only get up to it by glitching.
  • Now you have to get up the island by defeating or slipping past the Ant Queen and go into the purple portal.

The Crystal Island is the most recent floating island added to Booga Booga as of the Magnetite update.

The island used to have a Moon Totem but now it only has Crystals, Petrified Trees and Bushes and a Lonely God, which will drop two Raw Meats and three Bloodfruits.

A Spirit Lock on the second floating island can be used to get to the third island; placing a Spirit Key inside the golden pool spawns a Crystal Bridge which can be used to get to the third floating island.

Under this island exists an empty cave.


On the island you can find the Lonely God, Crystal Nodes, Crystal Bridge, which needs a Spirit Key to activate, Petrified Trees

and Petrified Bushes


  • You need a spirit key which the Crystal Guardian drops, however the Crystal Guardian can only be destroyed with a crystal pick or better, or with a lot of projectiles. Making it incredibly hard to get crystals, without other players, buying crystal chests, or mining the Miserable God which gives you crystals.
  • At crystal island it is recommended to tamper the docks to crystal lodes by hitting them until 5 hp so if an enemy chases you, destroy the docks to prevent them from following you and if they have a ranged weapon hide behind a building or a crystal lode
  • If you cannot do anything just jump off because it will put the enemy between chasing you or keeping the sky island they mined 10 000 worth of hp for