The Forgotten Soul is a translucent red humanoid-like spirit that is notably known for being found near the location of one of the Old Gods, in the Ancient Underwater Cavern (Lava Version). It is noted that this entity is farmed for its experience points that it drops upon death (Essences).

The Forgotten Soul looks almost identical to the Lost Soul, with the only main difference is that the Forgotten Soul has a red hue, compared to the Lost Soul who has a blue hue in nature.

As of March 9, 2018, the Forgotten Soul is dormant and does not attack the players, making it a resourceful strategy to farm and gain EXP (Essences). They drop around at least 5 Essences, also referred as Experience Points or EXP.


  • Due to its fast respawn time, it was a good way to farm EXP when under level 70.
  • Its red hue is possibly a reference to the location they were found in, in a cavern under a lava or volcanic biome.
  • The Forgotten Soul was removed during the ??? Update