The Giant Shelly is currently the biggest shelly in the game. It can be found in grassland areas. It drops a large amount of small shellies, specifically stone, iron and the highly sought after 1 Adurite Shelly.

The shelly is a passive mob. It will not attack when attacked, however will hide in it's shell and will re emerge after a few seconds without getting damaged.


The giant shelly is relatively larger than the other shellies.

Depending on the location of the Giant Shelly, it will have 2 different shell coloration.

It spawns with a stony shell in grasslands and before the Antmen Update, it would spawn with a snow covered stony shell on Ice Island.


The Giant Shelly allows low leveled players a easy method to obtain Raw Morsel, stone, iron and adurite.


  • Giant shelly is mostly used for its morsel, however, it drops 1 adurite shelly which also makes it valuable for late-game Players.
  • As of March 19th 2018, this is the biggest Shelly available in the game now that the Shelby was removed as well as the Shelly with the highest health at 1000, formerly surpassed by the Dancing Shelly at 1 BILLION health. Both were removed in the ??? Update.
  • It takes an average player upwards of 3 minutes to kill one.
  • There used to be a snow version of the Giant Shelly, but it was removed in the Antmen Update.