The God Bag was a bag with infinity capacity that was nerfed to 3000 (currently about 1000) and then made uncraftable shortly after being released due to exploiters. While it was available, the player had to be level 1000 and have the Magnetite Bag, the only bag with enough capacity to hold 500 Raw Gold, 20 Spirit Keys, and 3 Crystal Bags at once to craft it.

As of April 3, 2018, the bag was removed from everyone below level 1000 (the level required to craft it), because of exploiters. However, it was not completely removed from the game and could still be traded.

As of the Mojo Update, the God Bag has been removed from every player and added as an item in the Mojo Shop. Its recipe can now be bought for Mojo. This is its history, and it's a big history.


  • Since the Mojo Update, the God Bag was wiped from every player and became an item in the Mojo shop.
  • The God Bag is now much less costly.
  • Due to exploiters, lots of God Bags have been obtained by hackers farming levels, or duplicated (this was after it was removed, and before the Data Wipe and the Mojo Update).
    • That being said, you should probably get it last.
  • The God Bag has been noticeably nerfed. If you had a God Bag before the Mojo Update, you can tell. As of now, it is unknown the exact capacity the God Bag has been nerfed to (though it has been speculated to have a maximum capacity of 2500 since it seems to be able to hold twice the amount the Emerald bag can hold) , because certain materials take up more space than other lighter materials do since mojo update.
  • It can be used to carry the supplies for other God Items, like the Infinity Chest.