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Gods are inanimate objects in Booga Booga that can be broken with a pick-axe of steel tier or above. All gods have 5,000 health and can only be broken by a pick (as mentioned above) or a ranged weapon, however it is tedious to even try to break it with one. Each God gives at least 110 Experience when destroyed.

If the player does not have a high-tier pickaxe, it is highly recommended that they mine gods with allies in a tribes as they can destroy one quicker, and advance somewhere else.

To start, the Old God is found in the Ancient Underwater Cavern (Ice Version), and, when mined, drops around 30 Essence.

The Hateful God appears in the Ancient Underwater Cavern (Lava Version) a.k.a. Adurite Cave and drops 11 Essence and 11 Raw Adurite.

The Miserable God is found on the Waterfall Floating Island and drops 3 Crystal Chunks, 11 Essence, and 9 Bluefruit. The bluefruit is to represent his tears.

The Lonely God is found on the Crystal Island and is slightly transparent, as to represent feeling invisible. When mined, it drops 11 Essence, 3 Bloodfruit, and 2 Raw Meat, as well as spawning a Meteorite.

The Wealthy God, the newest God as of now, appears on Ice Island and drops 12 Essence and 21 Raw Gold upon destruction.

Each of these gods has an average re spawn time of about 16.40 seconds.

Tool Hits to Destroy
Steel Pickaxe 1000
Adurite Pickaxe 834
Crystal Pickaxe 715
Magnetite Pickaxe 500
Emerald Pickaxe 417
God Rock 250
God Pickaxe 100