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Gold is a resource found in Caves. When you mine Gold Rock you get 1-3 pieces. Gold is a common ore found in many places across the map.


Gold Ore mined from Gold Nodes or Gold Rocks can be found in the following locations:



  • Gold was added in the Shark Riders Update.
  • 1 Gold Bar can be pressed into 3 gold coins.
  • Before its patch, multiple Gold Nodes could spawn in an Ice Chunks (Similar glitch exist's)

Gold Node

Gold Nodes are mined to get raw gold which is used in crafting and when making gold coins.


Gold Nodes can be found all over the map, in Ant Hill, Volcano Cave, and more.


  • Drops Raw Gold.


  • Due to a glitch that occurred in the past, Gold Nodes could drop 30 raw gold. This has been patched.