Ice Island is the biggest and the newest/oldest island in the game currently and spans the entire width of the Booga Booga map. This is the only place you can obtain the material Ice Cube, along with various other smaller ice islands. The island itself has a large plateau that covers most of the island and a special feature of the islands is that many ores can be found by mining icebergs, with the ores located within. This does not include Adurite or Steel.Crystal, or Magnetite Meteors are known to frequently land here due to the massive size of the island. This island includes 2 small caves, and snow mammoths.

This also contains the brought back Shelby and the most newest shelly as of now, the Sheldon.


The Ice Island takes up the entire northern part of the map, so it is hard to miss. It is also the entire width of the map, and the opposite of the Volcanic Island and Desert Islands.


The Ice Island has many resources on it such as:

  1. Icebergs
  2. Ice Chunks
  3. Snow Mammoth
  4. Cloud Berry
  5. Huge Shelly
  6. Ice Cave (inc. Iron, Stone, Miserable God and Emerald Rock, was deleted due to Map-Legacy update).
  7. Peeper Popsicle
  8. Sheldon
  9. Shelby
  10. White Ant
  11. Barbarians
  12. Giant