Leaves are a common resource found on almost every island in the game.


Leaves are dropped by: Bush, Small Tree, Sun Tree, Sun Bush, Feather Tree, Feather Bush, Big Bush, Pleb Chests & Resource Chests, Swoll Tree, and Players with Leaf Armor.


Leaves can make these items: Leaf Armor, Hut, Big Ol' Hut, Fish Trap, Plant Box, Nest , Arrow, Bow, Iron Bow, Net, and Lookout.

Dropping leaves while standing still will create a tower of leaves. The leaves in their dropped form, are more stable and not as easily flung as other items. Leaves will only form a tower on a flat and stable surface. You can use this to create stairs or short towers to get over obstacles such as higher ledges and walls. Leaves are also a cheap way to get up to the sky rope if you're too lazy to get stone and logs to make a Tower . This strategy can also be used to raid and get over obstacles that would be time-consuming to take down, such as stone walls, since dropping leaves doesn't matter if you're within a tribe-owned area or not.

Leaves can also be used in an technique called leaf jumping. If you have a large stack of leaves, rapidly drop the leaves while moving forwards and jumping, as this will result in you flying in the middle of the air. However, this only works if the server physics are laggy.


  • Many players throw out leaves to have more space in their inventory as they are not very important to high-tier players.
  • Leaves are used for the first tier of armor.