Leaves are a common resource found on almost every island in the game.


Leaves are found in: Small Tree, Bush, Sun Tree, Sun Bush, Feather Tree, and Feather Bush.


Leaves can make these items: Leaf shirt, Leaf Pants, Leaf Bag, Hut, Fish Trap, Plant Box, Nest , Arrow, Net, and Lookout.

Dropping leaves while standing still will create a tower of leaves. The leaves in their dropped form, are more stable and not as easily flung as other items. Leaves will only form a tower on a flat and stable surface. You can use this to create stairs or short towers to get over obstacles such as higher ledges and walls. Leaves are also a cheap way to get up to the sky rope if you're too lazy to get stone and logs to make a Tower . This strategy can also be used to raid and get over obstacles that would be time-consuming to take down, such as stone walls. Since dropping leaves doesn't matter if you're within a tribe-owned area or not.

Leaves can also be used in an technique called leaf jumping. If you have a large stack of leaves, rapidly drop the leaves while moving forwards and jumping, as this will result in you flying in the middle of the air.