Levels in Booga Booga unlock higher tiers in crafting and unlock more of the game. To gain XP to advance levels, you can break anything and collect Essence. You also need 100 XP to advance 1 level.The current level limit for Booga Booga is lvl 1003

Level Methods

Old God

A common myth is that killing the Old Gods is the quickest way to level up. If a potential .22 xp per swing is used to destroy the Old God, then it is reasonable to use this method.

Killing Mobs and Players

Killing mobs and players can give you experience. It is recommended to kill players with weaker armor than yours. Killing mobs like as a Banto or Mammoth and harvesting the dropped resources gives experience.

Cutting down Sun Trees and Feather Bushes

Sun Trees appear on the Sun Island or near the entrance to Ancient Underwater Cavern (Ice Version). They drop 1 Essence and the Feather Bush also drops 1 Essence. You can find Feather Bushes growing on the Floating Island.

Cutting an Ancient Tree

To level up more you can cut down the Ancient Tree which drops a significant number of Essence.

Opening Essence Chests

If you take the time to harvest lots of Gold or pay with Robux, you can open Essence Chests which contains a significant number of essence. This is a better way of leveling up than the Old God for players with Robux.