The Lost Soul is an entity that can be found in the Void Dimension. It appears as a purple-reddish humanoid that wanders around aimlessly and will not attack players. When killed it drops Jelly.

The Lost Soul was an entity that appears to be a translucent light-blue humanoid-like figure that players could 'kill' for its experience points (Essences) that it provides upon its death, however, it was removed from the game a couple of days before March 21, 2018. It shares similar characteristics to that of a Forgotten Soul.

The Lost Soul was formerly found in the Ancient Underwater Cavern (Ice Version) before its removal from Booga Booga. This is to probably reference how the Lost Soul was lost under freezing temperatures.

The Lost Soul had 30 health and as of March 10, 2018, the Lost Soul could not attack the players. They also could not move either and stands in an idle position somewhere in the caverns. After March 10, 2018, the Lost Soul initially had the ability to attack the players until it was removed on an unknown date before March 21, 2018.

However, in Void Update They returned but spawned in Void Dimension and with glass material.


  • As of 3/10/2018, they don't deal any damage and don't move.
  • They were removed a couple days before 3/21/18
  • The Lost Soul is similar in appearance to the Forgotten Soul, which is red soul.
  • As the players approach it, multiple whispers can be
  • heard from the Lost Souls, sometimes being heard and interpreted as "Faster, Faster!"