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Magnetite (Commonly known as "Mag") is the third highest tier ore in the game, only surpassed by Emerald and the Void Shard. It is found in Fallen Meteorites and since the Emerald Update until the Map Legacy Update, the Queen Ant’s lair and from the Queen Ant herself. Raw Magnetite can be smelted near a campfire which will result in a Magnetite Bar, but takes 4 minutes to cook.

A Magnetite Chest can normally be bought for 2,000 coins, and it yields 12 Raw Magnetite and 5 Essence. It is currently on sale for 1,000 coins as of the Emeralds Update.


Magnetite is obtainable from Meteorites (which randomly spawn every 1-2 hours), or by mining a Magnetite Rock in the Void Dimension they used to be obtainable by killing the Queen Antor mining the 3 Meteor Rocks in her lair. An old method, killing the Queen Ant would have given a whopping 14 Magnetite Ore. Destroying a Meteorite gives a maximum of eleven Magnetite Ores. Unfortunately, the Queen Ant and her lair have been removed as of the Map Legacy Update, which means no free magnetite anymore... The Shelly Friend can also occasionally dig this up.


Magnetite Bars can be used to craft Magnetite ArmorMagnetite Tools, Magnetite Walls, Void Armor, and the Magnetite Crossbow.


  • The abbreviation for Magnetite has been used so much (by the Booga Booga playerbase) that barely no one uses the word "Magnetite," but instead they use "Mag."
  • Soybeen stated that this may be the last ore implemented into the game.
    • This information was falsified later on when Emeralds came out.
  • Magnetite was introduced on 3/10/18, the Meteorite Update.
  • In real life, Magnetite is mainly composed of iron and has a dark grey color.
  • The magnetite chest drops 12 magnetite upon opening and costs 1000 coins. This is 1 more than the maximum amount of ore gained by mining the meteorite and 8 less than the total amount of magnetite you get from the Queen Ant’s lair, making some experienced players think it is essentially a rip-off.
  • The player used to be able to obtain Magnetite by destroying the Totem of the Moon on Crystal Island which instantly spawned a Fallen Meteorite.
  • Due to its value as a rare ore, players frequently use Magnetite as currency.
    • However, that may not be the case any more since the addition of Emeralds.
  • In the time that the game would be set, only wealthy people would be able to afford purple dye, similar to how only experienced players can get Magnetite.
  • Since the Emeralds Update, Magnetite can now be found in the now removed Queen Ant’s lair in the form of Meteor Rocks.
  • The Queen Ant gave the most Magnetite, dropping a whopping 14 Magnetite upon death, which is more than a Magnetite Chest.
  • There is a glitch you can do with the Magnetite Meteor. If the meteor is just mined, you will only get 8 Magnetite, but if you put campfires around the rocks, you get an additional 3 Magnetite.

Smelting Magnetite Ore in a campfire will yield Magnetite Bars.


Each Magnetite Shelly has 100 health,and will drop 1 Magnetite and 2 Raw Meat upon extermination. Magnetite Shelly comes from Magnetite meteorite.


"An old Magnetite Bag"


So far, it seems like magnetite takes up 3 inventory space.