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The Mammoth, a large, prehistoric creature that roams the wilds of Booga Booga. It is identified under two variations: the Sand Mammoth and the Ice Mammoth. Players have the ability to put a Big Saddle on the Mammoths, and it will turn into a War Mammoth that has the capabilities of inflicting 30 damage onto structures, meaning it has the potential to destroy rafts in one hit.

In its appearance, the mammoth is covered in the same texture used for leaves and grasses to indicate its fur. The Ice Mammoth has an icy light-blue color to its fur, while the Sand Mammoth is similar, except having a beige-yellowish hue.

If the player is looking for the Sand Mammoth, they must venture to the Desert Island, an island located near the center of the known world map. If the player is looking for the Ice Mammoth, they must venture to the Ice Island, an island located a the western and eastern ends of Ice Island.

All mammoths are known to drop around 3 to 4 Hides, as well as at least 7 Raw Meats. A unique drop of the Ice Mammoth is that it can also drop around 4 Ice Cubes upon death.


  • 3-4 Hides (All Mammoth)
  • 4 Ice Cubes (Ice Mammoth)
  • 7 Raw Meats (All Mammoth)


  • You can put a Big Saddle on any wild Mammoth if you wish to ride it, converting it into a War Mammoth.
  • Once converted into a War Mammoth it may also be used to attack other players, structures and can even be used to raid tribes, making it a very useful method of offense when attacking others due to its damage and health. It's mobility however become an easy prey for ranged target such as Bow or Crossbow users and requires other players support to smoothen the raid.