This map, as shown first, was made by Cory. It used to be outdated, but as of the Map Update, it is now accurate again.

The second map is what the map used to look like before the Map Update.

Current Map

History of the Booga Booga Maps

In the very early stages of Booga Booga, there was massive map that you were able to explore, but after the Legacy Update, the map got replaced with the second map. As of the Map Update, the old map has returned and the top map is accurate again.

Outdated and previous map - Sky View


Legacy Update : brought the original map to its end and replaced it with a small version which is what we got made by Cory <Name Needed> Update : Ended the second map and brought the map in the screenshot , it was later removed in the Map Update Map Update : We got the old Cory map back and this is what we got until this The Lost Sea Update , which will bring a very unknown map used by Soybeen's original game called "Dust" it is the plains map of that game.