Screenshot 1

An Old God that used to be in the Adurite Cave with some Forgotten Souls.


Another Old God that used to appear on Waterfall Island.


The Old God during a sunset.

The Old God is a mob in Booga Booga. You can only mine it with a Steel, and better Picks. It can also be damaged with projectiles. When defeated, it drops roughly 63 - 74 Essence depending on which Old God was defeated.

The three Old Gods seemed to drop different amounts of essence, suggesting them to be unique entities from each-other. The Old God who seems to drop the most essence was the Old God in the Ancient Underwater Cavern (Lava Version). This Old God was replaced by the Hateful God in the ??? Update.


  • Mining the Old Gods are good source of experience. Leveling up can help a lot when mining any of the Old Gods as you'll be able to use better pickaxes to mine them faster.
  • The Old Gods re-spawn every one hour and a half according to most players.
  •  You may want to put Walls around the outside of the god to catch all the drops. (ex: Essence and Gold) so they don't go everywhere


  • The Gods resemble the Moai statues from Easter Island.
  • In the Antmen Update and until the Map Legacy Update, the Old God in the Ancient Underwater Cave (Ice Version) blocked a path leading to the Ant Caves.
  • Before the update the ??? Update, there was 3 Old Gods in the world of Booga Booga and now there is only one as the others have been replaced by the other Gods.
  • Similar to the Miserable God, its eyes change color with the sky.
  • This God drops the most essence of the gods.
  • Coincidentally, the Old God is the oldest of the Gods, as it was added earliest. The other 2 Old Gods were replaced by the Hateful God and the Miserable God in the ??? Update.
  • In the Map Legacy Update, a White Ant Mound was added to the Old God’s cave and the portal became broken.
    • The portal was fixed shortly after.
  • Before the ??? Update, Lost Souls could be found with the Old God.