PVP,Fighting, or Combat is one of the main parts of booga booga.

Remember, some players remain friendly and do not wish to fight.


  • Chest Trapping : Chest trapping was removed in the meteor update. You were able to place a chest in a player to trap and kill them it would usually work but for players in magnetite armour, the method mostly wouldn't work because of the amount of damage reduction combined with the high probability they would have efficient tools to destroy them with. It could work better with a Reinforced Chest if it wasn’t removed.
  • Walling : Walling someone is when you place a wall in front of someone to hinder their progress in a retreat, allowing you to kill them quickly. Depending on how this is used, it is considered a cheap strategy by players.
  • Betrayal : Generally considered the lowest of the low in strategies, barring only hacking, this strategy is self explanatory - you either kick a high rank guy from your tribe, or leave the tribe and attack for the loot.
  • Trapping : Trapping is a simple strategy that is generally considered cheap, and a show of a lack of actual skill. It consists of placing a turret, big ol hut, or other large object over another player to trap them, and then force killing them inside of it.
  • Hack ing: The absolute lowest of the low combat wise, hackers will move extremely quickly or instantly kill people. It's generally considered a sign of combat ineptness that you have to hack in the first place.

Ways you survive the fight

  • Food : A simple (and cheesey) method of surviving fights is just to back off and spam food until you're at full health.
  • Aggressiveness : If you have a lot of food and you are also skilled In the "art" of wall cutting, being aggressive to the opponent helps a lot. You would be surprised if you had a lot of food how much damage you could do. This is recommended, since your enemy will mostly run.
  • Logging : When you see undefeatable enemies or hackers approaching, you can simply close Booga Booga.

Bags and item weight will be adjusted to make more sense, and be more linear instead of exponential so people won't be rolling around with 1,500 bloodfruit in their inventories.

Eating will be disabled during combat (or the combat marker) in the future, and people will begin to heal at campfires instead.