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The Radio is an item that can play a few variety of music selected by the player if they shuffle through the song list. The Radio has less music range than the Golden Radio but requires less to craft. Both radios have a list of selected songs to shuffle from. The Radio was added in the Crystal Update (this could because the Golden Radio (also needing crystals) was added in this update).


Currently all the songs listed are made by Healy.

  • Python by Healy
  • Build by Healy
  • Winse by Healy
  • Reckless by Healy

Crafting Materials


When looked at, the Radio seems to be a box with a iron button. It also has a iron antenna that is connected to the Radio by a iron looking rectangular shape. Their is also 3 small iron knobs, possibly for changing the songs. The box itself (the base of the Radio) also has some slight "rings" around it, and has the normal wooden texture.


  • There is a upgraded version called the Golden Radio, and there is also a portable version, the Radio Pack.
  • It is questionable if this is worth the materials, since you could just simply just go on YouTube, make a loop or a playlist, and leave it on. It is a good compromise to just crafting this, the Golden Radio, and the Radio Pack.
  • For some reason, you usually see this more in bases made by beginners, since they like using it more, and more professional players don't like wasting their materials on this structure.
  • The Radio's rubble (wood rubble) is actually bigger then the Radio, so it is strange for it to be the rubble for the Radio.
  • You would actually have to keep turning it on/off to get a specific song you want (if you wanted to).