The Shelby was the largest of all of the various species of the shellies. Shelby's behavior is identical to the other Shellies of Booga Booga, except on a much larger scale.


Shelby was formerly seen on the island known as the 'Shell Island' to some players. Unfortunately, Shelby was removed and cannot be seen in-game anymore.


The Shelby looks like a humongous snail that wanders in the islands, having two black eyes and a rather large purple shell. It was many times as large as a regular-sized Shelly.


  • The creature, Shelby, is mourned in some parts of the community and it is unclear if Shelby will appear in Booga Booga again in later updates.
  • When Shelby existed in the past, it was known to drop an undetermined number of essences that players can collect, as well as 4 to 5 Giant Shelly, that is released from its shell after being slain.

The Shelby compared to a regular player.