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The Sun Bush is a unique bush that can be identified by its yellow foliage rather than green. It is the same size and has the same health as a Small Bush.

There is a Sun Bush on Sun Island that has Sun Fruit on it.


Sun Bushes spawn on the 2nd Floating Island and near the pond to Ancient Underwater Cavern (Ice Version)


The Sun Bush drops 1-2 Sticks, and 1 Leaves, and 3 Sunfruits, If they grew.


  • Selling sunfruit in a Market will fill the bar quite quickly. However, that can’t be done anymore because the Market was removed.
  • For some reason this drops only 1 Stick, unlike a regular Bush.
  • Apparently the Sun Bush that drops Sun Fruit is actually a recolored Bush. This can be seen because it drops 2 Sticks instead of 1 and only gives 1 EXP instead of 2. It is also named “Bush”.