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Tip #1 Resources

Adurite Cave Outside No Rock
Tribe Menu

A good way to start off is harvest as many resources at your spawn, make a raft and search for a island. Make sure the island you find has no people on it, you don't want to die straight away.

Also make sure there is a decent amount of rocks, trees and so on, so if you run out of resources you can get some.

Tip #2 Start a Tribe

If you want to you can start a tribe,tribes will help you progress A TON. Be sure you invite people with high intelligence,as most people don't chat, which means they really sometimes wont listen and sometimes steal what you tell them not to.

Tip #3 Location

A good spot to make a base is the desert island with a mammoth on it, it has a small pond where you can build a base around and harvest fish rapidly. Another way to make an efficient food factory is to surround a campfire with nests and bam, you're done with your food factory already, pretty simple.

Tip #4 Other Tribes

NEVER MAKE A TRIBE BASE AROUND ANOTHER TRIBE,ESPECIALLY IF THE TRIBE HAS BETTER AMOUR AND HIGHER LEVELS THAN YOUR TRIBE. If you have lots of the same material, its good to make some armor, it will just make combat easier.


Tip #5 Raiding

A good way to be a good raider is: get a good/suitable weapon, tame a shark for fast travel and have the full set of armor. Avoid raiding large tribes and/or stronger players alone without a good plan, you might end up getting yourself killed. When raiding, it is recommended to have some friends with you or even a whole tribe, doing this will make raiding easier and increase the survival and success chance.

If you follow most of these steps you might just be on your way to becoming a pro! Good luck out there!