Underwater Caves are places that players can obtain a high amount of experience.  There are two Underwater Caves, the Ice Cave and Lava Cave. both caves have one God and Ant Mound each. The Lava cave contains the Hateful God and Fire Ant Mound, and the Ice cave contains the Old God and a White Ant Mound. They contain Ores such as Adurite for the Lava Cave and Gold for the Ice Cave. These places are still accessible as of now.

The Ancient Underwater Cavern (Ice Version) is a hidden area that can be accessed by falling down a deep pond. Once you fall down this hole, you will fall into an area that is bright with a glow. Upon entering the zone, you are greeted by a notification saying, "This place is ancient..." and a temporary blur effect on the screen if you have your graphic or 4 or higher. If the black/blue portal is entered, it will teleport you outside to the Volcano Island.

This area is very akin to the Ancient Underwater Cavern (Lava Version).


The hole is on a remote island under Crystal Island. You can get to it by going through the Ancient Underwater Cavern (Lava Version). It should be on the island with a small pond. Due to the [ANT PEOPLE] Update, you can now go to this cave through the back of the Old God that leads to the cave system. To get to here from the cave system, you need to first go to the place with the water, and then travel through the water to the place behind the Old God. You then destroy the Old God and then you can get to this cave.


Within the Ancient Underwater Cavern there are:

The Ancient Underwater Cavern (Lava Version) a.k.a. Adurite Cave is a hidden cavern accessed by entering a hole in the water in the Volcano biome.

Unlike the Ice Version, there are no special prompts or effects when walking in. There is a portal that teleports you near the location of the Ancient Underwater Cavern (Ice Version).


The hole is located in between the two volcanic islands beside the desert islands.


Screenshot 1

The original look of the Underwater Lava Cave.


  • Because the Ancient Underwater Cavern (Lava Version) is a popular destination to farm essence, it is best to prepare to fight people that may also be well prepared.
  • In this cave are some decently strong ants, Fire Ants. It is recommended to bring a good weapon with a set of good armor before fighting these things off, sice it is also impossible to mine their nest, where they spawn.


  • The Ice cave contains the Old God, which grants a large amount of essence, so you may encounter highly-geared players when entering.
  • The lava cave has 3 Adurite Rich Rocks that respawn after some time has passed, as well as the Hateful God.
  • The popular Fire Ants were moved to the Underwater Cave (Lava Version) instead of being removed like the Queen and Huge Ants from the Map-Legacy Update.
  • Putting a Gate at the entrance of a cave will give you more time to gather the resources you want before leaving.
  • If you go on top of the portal in the ice cave, you can walk around on a secret ledge, a great hiding spot for hide and seek or hiding items.
  • The teleporter in the Ice Cavern became glitched and would not work as of the Map Legacy Update.
    • However, this was fixed shortly after.