The Wood Wall is the weakest and shortest wall, yet cheapest to craft in the game. It is used by many players because of its cheap material. It is commonly used to block off players while trying to escape, slowing them down.

Crafting Materials


The Wood Wall can be destroyed with any Axe or the Rock. When destroyed, it is replaced by Wood Wall Rubble. When the rubble is destroyed, it drops 1 Stick and 1 Log.


Early-game base or cheap outpost building.

Also used to block animals or hostile mobs, such as Giants or Barbarians, because they can not damage structures.

Stick Conversion

Wood Walls are one of the quickest ways to perform Stick Conversion, or turning Logs into Sticks. Because it drops a stick and requires logs to build, placing and destroying them allows the player to turn logs into sticks at a 1:1 ratio. Stick conversion is most useful when on an island with plenty of trees but no or few bushes.

The Ice Wall is the 2nd best wall in the game after the Wood Wall but before Stone Wall.

Crafting Materials:

6 Ice Cubes


It resembles a Stone Wall, but is smoother and has a translucent grayish- blue color.


Unlike its wood and stone counterpart,the ice wall does not have a "broken" stage, meaning if the player leaves the game, the wall will remain permanently until broken.

The Stone Wall is currently the strongest wall in the game. It is frequently used to fortify bases and block areas or players off due to its higher health.

Crafting Materials:

The Stone Wall is made from 6 Stones and has 600 health.


The Stone Wall has a rocky appearance and its two posts are a darker shade of grey.